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Hase Stoves Suffolk
Hase Stoves Suffolk
Suffolk Hase Stoves
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Suffolk Stoves Hase
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Visit our stoves showroom to see Hase stoves in action and speak to our experts about how to have one of these impressive stove installed in your home today.

Hase Stoves

10 reasons to have a Hase woodburning stove
1. Award winning, timelessly classic design.
2. High quality materials and construction with attention paid to every detail.
3. Environmental awareness in every aspect of design and production.
4. Wide variety of styles in different materials to suit any taste.
5. State of the art technology resulting in excellent efficiency and economy.
6. Hearth stones produced by Hase themselves, with attention paid to durability.
7. Large, soot-free, glass and individual air control for a beautiful, real fire experience.
8. Authentic spare parts kept in maufacture for years after the stove becomes obsolete.
9. Every aspect of the manufacture is kept inhouse by Hase, ensuring quality throughout.
10. The Hase tradition of producing the perfect stove in every respect.
  Hase Woodburning Stoves SuffolkHase Wood Stoves Suffolk
Hase stoves
  Hase Stoves Suffolk
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Hase stove

What could possibly be better on a cold day than sitting comfortably next to a real fire. As well the pleasure of the warmth, there is the entrancing sight of the flames playing within the stove. It is the experience you take from moments such as these that makes Hase continue to manufacture some of the best wood-burning stoves.

With 30 years experience, they have learned a thing or two and a Hase stove is a work of art and craft. Built using only the best materials and assembled with a close eye for detail, a Hase stove stands out because of their eye catching, contemporary designs.

"Climate friendly design" is part of Hase's core values, giving you a stove that burns as efficiently as possible. More heat for less fuel, less emissions, smaller carbon footprint and sustainable warmth for your home.

Stove Brochure

Hase Stoves Brochure [PDF] 3.66Mb

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